Pueraria Mirifica for Breast Enhancement

Pueraria mirifica is a plant natives to Asia, especially in Thailand and Myanmar that is very popular in maintaining youthful appearance and enhance breast size and shape.
In biochemical analysis, this plant is rich in phytoestrogens that mimic estrogen in the body and activate the estrogen cellular pathway. As that pathway has multiple effects on the body, so does pueraria mirifica. Since the breast have some of the most estrogen receptors in the body, pueraria mirifica is quite potent in breast tissue.

The main effect of activating the estrogen pathway in breast tissue is cell proliferation - cells divide and grow when triggered to do so by the estrogen pathway. Specifically, pueraria mirifica triggers the proliferation of cells lining the milk glands in the breasts. Normally the activation of this pathway is dictated by genetics at birth. Pueraria mirifica is proven to fill in the gaps that nature left out.

The Thailand Ministry of Public Health studied the effects of pueraria mirifica on women's breast size and firmness. The women being tested took either placebo, 400 mg/day, or 800 mg/day of pueraria mirifica in capsule form for 15 consecutive days/months for two months starting from the first day of menstruation (thus 15 days of each month the women did not take the pills). 82% of women in the 800 mg/day group experience breast enlargement and 88% of women experience increased breast firmness. In the 400 mg/day group, 10% and 41% of women experience increased breast size and firmness respectively.

How much can one expect to increase their bust size by taking pueraria mirifica?

The results vary from person to person. Over 80% of people will increase their bust size. Of those, the typical increase is 1.5 - 2.5 cm per month for three months. After three months, bust size reaches its peak levels. Therefore, the total increase of bust size on average for most people is 4.5 - 7.5 cm. Some people have shown increases of 2.5 cm within five days of beginning a pueraria mirifica regimen. Typically, women with naturally large breasts show quicker responses to pueraria mirifica. Although women with naturally smaller breast usually respond slower, they can increase bust size just as much.

There are several ways to take pueraria mirifica and the best approach is different for everyone. Most studies recommend taking pueraria mirifica on the first day of menstruation and stopping intake after 15 days. The regimen should restart 15 days after taking the last pueraria mirifica supplement regardless of when the menstruation cycle begins. Another regimen option is to take it 15 days after the first day of menstruation for 15 days and then terminate intake for 15 days until restarting tbe regimen. The final option is to take pueraria mirifica everyday with no change based on menstruation cycle. As everyone is different, the best way to take pueraria mirifica is based on the individual. We recommend testing out different methods to see which one works best for you. Studies have shown to maintain the increased bust size women can decrease the amount of pueraria mirifica by half after six months of use.

For maximum results, supplementation with a cream/serum should be applied to the breast area. This is especially important if one stops intake for 15 days each month to continue bust enlargement. When using the cream or serum such as Breast Actives™, we recommend applying 2-3 cm of cream twice daily in a circular motion along both breasts starting at the base. This will affect only the area it is applied to on the body. This form of applications allows for direct absorption by the body without it being metabolized by the liver and kidneys. This improves the potency of the herb and can increase peak results. It is not recommended to only use the cream or serum without taking the capsules for breast enlargement purposes. Creams or serums can also be used on other parts of the body, especially when one wants to reduce wrinkles on a specific area such as the eyes.

As mentioned earlier, pueraria mirifica not only enlarges breasts, it also makes them firmer. In fact, 88% of people taking pueraria mirifica experienced firmer breasts compared with 82% of people experiencing larger breast. Additionally, a much higher percentage of people taking a low dose of pueraria mirifica experienced firmer breasts (41%). Firmer breasts sag less, sit higher up on the chest and have a more youthful appearance. Breast firmness decreases significantly with age making pueraria mirifica the perfect natural remedy to make one's breast defy time and gravity.

There is conclusive evidence and testimonials showing the breast enlargement and firming properties of pueraria mirifica. It is always important to follow dosage recommendations when on a Pueraria mirifica regimen to optimize results. Although Pueraria mirifica is mainly sought out for its breast enhancement properties, its benefits do not stop here. The rejuvenation properties on the skin, reduce cancer onset, and other health benefits also included on therapeutic benefits.

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